Who's Your Daddy?

Nelson Pedro Martinez’s recent return to Fenway Park to pitch as a member of the Mets was a big deal. I have friends in Boston, friends in the Dominican Republic, and friends who are from the D.R. and live in the U.S. who all agree. Yes, Pedro was lit up. He gave up a lot of runs and was not the confident Martinez fans, especially Red Sox fans, are used to seeing. It was all Pedro-all-the-time in Boston when he returned…but what about Nelson? You have to remember Nelson De La Rosa. He was Martinez’s small friend who accompanied him everywhere during the playoff run for the Red Sox in 2004. I remember seeing him during the playoff run and when I saw him for the first time I thought it was an infant. That’s not an insult. He’s just really small  and somebody was carrying him in his arms like a baby. I guess the guys at the Pedromartinez_1 New York Daily News also wondered what happened to Nelson. Reporter Jose Martinez (no relation) went from NY to D.R. to Rhode Island in search of De La Rosa. He found him and wrote this story on him. Pretty good. I love this line by De La Rosa on joining another team… "I’m not going to the Mets unless some other Dominican ballplayer makes me an offer," he said. "And if the Yankees call me, I’ll go with them."

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