Dominican Republic 12.11.06


My suggestion for those who are interested in learning about Spanish-speaking players, whether they are from the Dominican, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, etc,  is to learn about the culture of a people as you learn the language. History, obviously, important. Try to feel what they felt or are feeling. Break the stereotypes or incorrect images and appreciate different people (including different Spanish-speaking countries) for what they are — unique, wonderful and distinct. We just all come from different places and I think it is okay to be different because we are all ultimately the same — just people. Speaking of which … in one form or another, our language (Spanish), customs, mannerisms, food, etc. can be ultimately traced back to Spain — though lumping everybody together in the same category is a mistake people often make — so I’m always interested when I see historic buildings like the one pictured above, the Alcazar de Colon in the Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone section of Santo Domingo). Make no mistake, I’m not discounting the original inhabitors of the "New World" when the Spanish explorers arrived and took over but I do like to check out these Spanish explorers, their feats and see what they did. Again, I’m not saying they were good or bad, right or wrong, but the path of humanity for Spanish speakers is definitely interesting, varied, and much too complex for a blog right before I go to sleep. The home pictured above was built for Diego Colon, the son of Christoval Colon, in the early 16th century. Christoval is better known as Christoper Columbus and he discovered the island in 1496. He called the territory (now the Dominican Republic and Haiti) La Isla Espanola — later known as Hispaniola. Among the many "firsts" of Hispaniola is the claim to be the first European capital city in the "New World." Also pictured is a statue of Christoval Colon in Parque Colon (Columbus Park) in Santo Domingo.


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