Dominican Republic 12.15.06

Mannycrop Nationals manager Manny Acta returned to the Dominican Republic on Friday for a special event in his honor in his hometown of Consuelo. Consuelo is a municipality in the province of San Pedro, and let me tell you, it was the place to be Friday night. The town honored him with a special ceremony in Parque Consuelo and hundreds of people showed up for the festivities. The photo above is of "El Potro Blanco" (The White Colt) being greeted at the airport as he walks to his car. On Saturday, Acta is scheduled to throw out the first pitch in a Winter League game in San Pedro. On Sunday, he will be at the Nationals Dominican Academy for a meet-and-greet with players and a tryout for local players.Dscf0971 Dscf0970

Dscf0974 On a side note, Acta’s flight was delayed three hours. That’s a photo of his sister Anayma and mother Blanca waiting at the airport for him to arrive.Dscf0962 

Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

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