Baseball in the Dominican Republic

Dominicanrepubicscreen_1 The Dominican Republic is a must-see for fans of the game. It’s also a must see for those who like good people, the Spanish language and the island atmosphere. We at present this project on baseball in the Dominican Republic for those who have not been but want to know what is going on there. The idea was simple. Tell stories of people and baseball that would capture the attention of hardcore baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike. These are stories of humanity. The stories take place in the D.R. but they are basically all of our stories. People stories. I grew tired of reading about the rags-to-riches story every time I read a story about a Latin player. Milk carton glove, etc. etc. Great stories, yes, but is that all there is? I did not think so. These people in the D.R. are more than just baseball commodities. They are human beings. I think sometimes people forget that. Hopefully our project serves as a reminder that we are all basically the same — separated by oceans and sometimes language, but still basically living the same experience and all trying to survive with what we have or don’t have.


I would love to watch these Dominican rivalries. I am a Marlins fan and it isn’t easy. Any updates in regards to the Puerto Rico Winter League being revived and what are your thoughts?

It’s a very complicated matter. The island loves baseball but financial issues, direction and leadership are among the many problems with professional baseball on the island. I think baseball will be back. It’s time to start focussing on the amateurs again. Not sure how popular pro baseball is there … It seems once the big leaguers stopped going back to play in the winter, the fans stopped caring about the pro leagues. Again, it’s a complicated matter. Not sure there is one answer to the big problem.

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