Josh Hamilton …

claypitches.jpgRangers center fielder Josh Hamilton is arguably the most talented player in the game. I’m starting to believe he may be the nicest. He might be too nice.

On and off the field, Hamilton does what Hamilton does. He hits home runs, he drives in runs and keeps the team loose  with a little silliness every now and then. He shares his story often and he hopes to help others by doing so. But taking batting practice (home run derby-style) in full uniform on the field at Rangers Ballpark less than 45 minutes before Friday’s game as part of a special Rangers weekend?

That takes the cake. He even brought his good buddy Clay Council from North Carolina to throw BP.

Did I mention Hamilton was the only one who hit on the field? And oh yeah, he’s goingjoshmug.jpg on only a few hours sleep because he spent the last two days with his wife celebrating the birth of their third child.

That Hamilton only hit three home runs in 15 pitches or so doesn’t really matter. The fact that he even agreed to do it speaks volumes about what kind of a guy he is. I can’t think of any emerging superstar that would do it or even consider it. Players spend most of their time before a game … preparing for the game.

Don’t blame him if he never puts on a mini-home run derby before a game again. Nobody does that. Nobody. I hope those in attendance appreciated the gesture. Remember, it’s been a long season and he is still basically a rookie.

The guy is one of a kind.




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